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Supply and advice in plastic sheets and plate material

Kascoplex supplies and advises in quality plastic sheets and sheet material. View our range below, polycarbonate, acrylic, aluminium composite, PVC sheets and profiles & accessories. 


We offer strong multiwalled and solid sheets of polycarbonate. They have the clarity of glass, but are stronger and more impact-resistant.  


We offer high-quality multiwalled and solid acrylic sheets. They are durable and versatile, making these sheets very popular and long-lasting. 

Aluminium Composite

We offer powerful sheets of Aluminium Composite. They are very light and strong solid boards suitable for garden and greenhouse construction. 


Wij bieden zeer weerbestendige en lichtdoorlatende PVC-platen aan voor de kas- en tuinbouw. Deze platen reguleren transmissie en handhaven optimale groeiomstandigheden.

Profiles & Accessories

We offer various types of profiles & accessories and AntiDust tape, which you can use when mounting our plastic sheets, from polycarbonate and acrylic, for example.