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Profiles & accessories

Kascoplex offers various products you can use when mounting or machining plastic sheets. Extensive options in terms of profiles, such as our durable PC H-profile for lengthening sheets, sturdy aluminium W-profile for seamless finishing and practical PVC U-profile for a sleek look.

Kascoplex ensures brightness with 'AntiDust' tape on channel boards. Developed from aluminium to an elastic non-woven tape. Two types are used per sheet for the top and bottom, 'open' and 'dense'. The open tape has a small perforation that allows moisture and condensation to leave the channels and keeps the sheets crisp and clear. The dense tape comes on top and prevents dust and other dirt from entering the ducts.

Additional information

Practical, appropriate and precise

Profiles are there to extend, connect, mount or finish your boards. Kascoplex always has four standard profiles in stock:

  • Polycarbonate (PC) H-profile, available for: 4, 6, 8, 10, 16 and 40mm thickness (extend/mount)
  • Aluminium W-profile, available for: 16mm thickness (finish)
  • PVC U-Profile, available for: 16mm thickness (finish)
  • PVC Mounting profile canopy, available for: 16mm thickness (mounting) (see image)

Why tape?

Guarantee the clarity of your plates. Duct boards are taped with 'AntiDust' tape by Kascoplex, we do this 'taping off' with a so-called 'Presure Roller'. This taping ensures continuous drainage of condensation, special anti-algae- and mould treatment and stops dust and insects from entering the boards.
The tape we use has evolved significantly in recent years. For example, we have gone from the old-fashioned Aluminium tape to an elastic non-woven tape.

The illustration shows two types of tape: The open and closed variant. Both tapes come on a plate. The dense tape comes on the top and the open (breathable) tape on the bottom. 

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