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About us

Your personal guide to the world of plastics

Kascoplex is a flexible organisation with short lines and a specialisation in supplying and advising on high-quality plastic sheets and accessories with a focus on horticulture. Kascoplex acts as your personal guide in the world of plastics, assisting you with tailored advice on quality, size, thickness and colour. Moreover, we offer competitive prices and guarantee fast delivery, thanks in part to our own in-house sawing and cutting facilities. View here how we do this.

What do we do for you?

Tailor-made plastic sheets

Kascoplex is ready to process all plastic sheets according to your specific requirements. Whether it involves sawing in any desired size and shape, cutting, drilling, bending, milling, gluing or taping, Kascoplex has the expertise and technology to make it happen. Think of end wall panels with gutter cut-outs for different types of greenhouses or interior walls with holes for heating pipes.

Demonstration of the cutting machine

See how we use cutting machines to cut multiwall polycarbonate sheets here.

Dust-free cutting

The machine cuts without creating dust, unlike alternative methods that create a lot of dust and sawdust.

Besides straight cuts, complex shapes can also be cut. Besides single cuts, the machine can cut multiple cuts simultaneously, increasing productivity.

The machine is equipped with high-quality safety scanners to protect users and others during the cutting process.